Tax Refund Loans Online

Refund Alternative: Cash Advance Loans
If you already filed your return or cannot file now, you may want to consider Cash Advance Loans.

Options and Alternatives For Tax Refund Loans Online

Below are answers to some of the most asked about questions with regard to accessing your tax refund.

As you read through the information on this page you will see that the method you choose to file your tax return and weather or not you hire a professional tax preparation service to assist you with your IRS tax return will affect the time frame it will take for you to receive your refund. In addition, which tax preparation service you choose will also have a direct bearing on weather or not you can apply for a “Tax Refund Loan“. Tax refund loans are also known as refund anticipation loan (RAL) and as tax refund advance.

About Getting Tax Refund Loans Online

With the growing popularity and acceptance of online tax return software such as , many taxpayers are also seeking to get tax refund loans online.

Since you are reading this you are probably searching for the answer to questions like:
Can I get a tax refund loan online?
Who offers tax refund loans online?
Which lender or lenders offer tax refund loans online?
If I already filed my tax return can I get a tax refund loan online?

As far as we know at the time this information is being published Tax Refund Loans are not available online. Not from anyone or anywhere. We are talking about the true version of a tax refund loan or refund anticipation loan, where your tax refund is assigned to the lender as collateral for the loan. However, alternatives are available. One such alternative would be Cash Advance Loans.

Refund anticipation loans are available from select tax preparation companies, but only if you pay them to assist you prepare your IRS tax return. And then, only at the time they efile your return. If you already filed your federal tax return you are SOL as far as a refund anticipation loan is concerned. Your best option is to go for some form of alternative loan.

Tax service professionals are used by the actual lender to screen and qualify potential borrowers for these loans. One of the best ways to find an accountant or tax service that offers tax refund loans is to call a few local tax service companies and ask if they do refund anticipation loans.

Methods of Filing Federal Tax Returns

Paper Filing
This is when your tax return is prepared as a standard paper return. It must be physically mailed by you to the IRS. Generally you can expect your refund check to arrive from IRS in approximately 5-7 weeks, barring any unforeseen delays. Delays are frequently caused by errors or omissions.

Electronic Filing (E-File)
This method involves electronically filing your return with IRS. E-Filing is similar to email but much more sophisticated and secure. When you efile your return a refund can be sent to you by paper check or it can be directly deposited into your bank account by the IRS. If you are due a refund it will typically arrive within 8 to 18 days from the time the IRS acknowledges acceptance of your return, a Rapid Refund.

Electronic Refund Check and Deposit (ERC or ERD)
Electronic Refund Checks and Electronic Refund Deposits are usually available in 8-15 days from the time of electronic filing a tax return. Your refund can be electronically deposited into your bank account, or if you used a tax service most of them will offer pick-up / will-call service at their business location if you prefer, if you do not have a bank account or if you just don’t want it going into your account.

Refund Anticipation Loan (RAL) and Tax Refund Loans
Tax Refund Loans are based on your anticipated tax refund. Refund loans are available in as little as 24 hours. Typically, you can pick your check up from the tax service or optionally have it deposited directly to your bank account. Some tax services use debit cards to fund tax refund loans.

Tax Refund Advance Alternative
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