Will Anyone Loan Against A Pending IRS Refund Direct Deposit?

Tax Refund Advance - Loan Alternative
If you already filed your return or cannot file now, you may want to consider this Online Cash Loan.

Oh boy, it appears that you want a tax refund advance loan after you have already filed your tax return.

The good news here is… at least you are anticipating a refund by direct deposit wire transfer into your bank account from the IRS. If you e-filed it won’t be long before you have your money anyway. If you snail mailed your paper return it may take up to several months.

Although loans on tax refunds are offered by various tax services and perhaps a hand-full of other firms, the actual source lenders of refund anticipation loans are, in most cases, banks and/or other large lending institutions that distribute the tax refund advance loan product through tax services. These source lenders use tax services to help screen potential borrowers as an important step in reducing their risk, assisting the borrower with loan contract details and making sure the contract is signed and executed correctly.

The odds for most of us being able to locate a tax service firm, or an individual for that matter, that loans their own money against anticipated tax refunds is akin to looking for a needle in a hay stack. And the odds for you and other like you are almost zero after you file your tax return. So the answer to “will anyone loan against a pending IRS direct deposit” is that it is highly unlikely. As far as I know, at this time, the loan you want, the tax refund advance, does not fall into the requirements of a widespread distributed commercial loan product.

Tax Refund Advance

For more information on income tax refunds and tax refund advances see our section on Tax Refund Loans FAQ’s.


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