Where To Get The Quickest Loan On My Anticipated Tax Refund?

Tax Refund Advance - Loan Alternative
If you already filed your return or cannot file now, you may want to consider this Online Cash Loan.

The quickest way to get a authentic tax refund advance loan against your anticipated tax refund would be to follow the tips and information provided below. Tax refund advance loans are limited to $1500 for 2011. Who knows where these loans will go next year and beyond. If you just want a quick loan and do not care about whether it is a true loan on your anticipated tax refund or not or if you have already filed your return you may want to consider applying for one or more of these….

At this time to the best of my knowledge authentic tax refund loans are only available through professional tax preparation services at the time you efile your tax return. After all, how else is a lender going to quickly verify that you are who you claim to be and that you provided valid and accurate information. This is a fraud protection measure. If you have already e-filed or filed a paper return you may want to consider this alternative… Loans Online up to $1500.

Now as far as who is offering tax refund loans, here is who and how to find them:

1) Review the loan offers you see on this page;

2) Run a search (I couldn’t possibly name them all) to find the local professional tax preparation companies nearby in your neighborhood, city or town – call them and ask the question. You are almost certain to find someone that makes refund anticipation loans in your area;

3) There two national companies that I know of have picked up the void left behind by H&R Block. Look for the Jackson Hewitt and/or Liberty Tax Service ad-links that you will probably find on this page. According to several Jackson Hewitt Tax Service representatives I check with, you will have to go into one of their offices and efile your return in order to apply for the tax refund loan. You cannot simply efile online and then go into an office asking for tax refund loans. Like H&R Block they are calling them RAL’s, short for “refund anticipation loans”. Although Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax Service have locations nationally, they are not on a street corner of every town or neighborhood in every state; but they want to be.

Tax Refund Advance

For more information on income tax refunds and tax refund advances see our section on Tax Refund Loans FAQ’s.


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